Low Cost Divorce - Savings and Options

Do you qualify for a low cost divorce?


What is a low cost divorce?

The typical divorce in California now exceeds $25,000 in legal costs if you allow the family law attorneys and county courts to handle your divorce. If you have a contentious ex, it could easily cost $100,000 or more! I have had so many coaching clients who spent most of their life's savings and assets just to get divorced. And that is why I wanted to offer low cost divorce solutions to clients who realize the futulity of the divorce process. Spending less than $1,000 on your divorce is the goal, and I can help you get there.


Keys to the success of a low cost divorce?

I can show you many ways to lower the cost of your divorce, including helping you with all the forms, paperwork and details that can be tedious. I will show you how to focus on the outcome, not the process. And even if you have all of the elements of a potentially contentious divorce in your case, such as minor children, own a home and have been married for a long time, you can still take advantage of the low cost divorce solutions. A willingness to put your emotions aside for the time being, and a desire to do as much of the work as you can with my guidance and coaching, and you can achieve your low cost divorce goals!


How much does a low cost divorce cost?

If you area capable of simply agreeing to not fight with your ex, and you can both agree to the conditions of your divorce without the use of family law attorneys, then it is not unreasonable to get divorced for between $500-$1,000 dollars, not including the filing fee's. Once you hire attorneys, the costs increase EXPONENTIALLY!


How do we get started with our low cost divorce?

Both you and your ex should be capable of settling your own differences and communicating without fighting. You must both be willing to compromise. This allows me to guide you with the paperwork, and to share with you what I have seen happen with the over 1,000 divorces I have already assisted in. The fact remains that the outcome of most divorces is a forgone conclusion before you ever step into the courthouse. Regardless of what you spend on attorneys, you will end up with the same results!


How long will it take for a low cost divorce?

The length of time for a divorce is standard in California, with a 6 month cooling off period from the time you file until the day you can be divorced. You will be directly in charge of your divorce, with my guidance on the paperwork and the short-cuts that can make the divorce process way less expensive. As well, you will lower your stress levels and work towards making your post divorce life as rewarding as you like. For more information on our Divorce Coaching Services, CLICK HERE.