Before, During and After -

Preparing for Divorce

Ideally, I meet with my clients in the early stages even before you have told your spouse you wish to be divorced. And well before you have retained a divorce lawyer. This gives me the chance to give you the chance to get the information you will need as the process unfolds, before it is too late. If you are already well past this point, don't worry, but don't wait either.

Unless you are in that 10-15% group of Divorcing Couples who can simply part ways and never look back, then the Divorce Process is a struggle at best, and an all out nightmare at worst. Try as you may to get through your divorce unscathed and still whole, nearly everyone who goes through their divorce leaves something of themselves on the court room floor that they can never retrieve.

From the moment we first meet, I will be guiding you and preparing you for what we will have to do to help you get what you desire from your divorce. And since I am NOTan attorney, nor am I a licensed therapist, I cannot give you legal advice. (Standard Disclaimer to make the Attorneys happy!) But what I can help you with is everything else that you will need in your divorce. I can as your Coach, teach you, guide you and share with you the tactics and methods that have worked for the well over 1,000 people I have worked with along the way in these past 24 + years, and as your Coach, I will help steer you clear of the pitfalls that so many get caught in during their divorce, especially those that your attorney will not or can not share with you, for reasons that will become obvious later on.

Coaching provides insight and aid with the following issues in your divorce:

Divorce Management

Pre-Divorce planning

Finding/Hiring an Attorney.

Private Judge or Public?

Forensic Accountant?

When and how to file.

Pre-filing research and discovery.

Filling out the paperwork.

Maximizing Custody.

Favorable Support Planning.

Worst-Case Scenarios.

Forms and Paperwork

Initial Petition Review.

Income and Expense Docs.


Property Settlement Lists.

Child Custody/Support.

Spousal Support.

Managing your mortgage.

Responses and OSC's.

Contempt and Court Orders.

Documents and Discovery.

Abuse and DVRO's/TRO's.

Criminal Aspects in Divorce.


County Court vs Private judges.

Acceptable Court Behavior.

Length of the Divorce.

Speed up or slow down?

Collaborative Divorce vs Judicial Divorce.

Bias in the Courts.