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Michael lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and is a native of Northern California.

Michael Thomas,

Divorce Coach


From Divorced Dad to Divorce Coach

Back in 1986, after only one year of marriage, I found myself a newly divorced dad, living 362 miles away from my then 9 month old daughter. I know, do the math, and I was making bad choices right off the bat! Never a quitter, I would get off work early every other Friday at noon, get in my car and drive nearly half the length of Calfifornia to pick up my daughter at my ex's house, then drive the 6 hours back home. Saturdays were joyful, packed with all kinds of family fun, but I was exhausted by the end of the day. Sunday mornings were as easy and restful as I could make them, and then back in the car at noon and my daughter and I would drive 6 hours, where I would return her to my ex at 6:00 pm.

I drove two vehicles to an early grave being the best dad the courts would allow me to be. And no, it was not easy. But that did not stop me. It was at this time that I began a newly reformed chapter of an existing self-help group for parents who did not have primary custody of their kids. It was almost three years of Wedneday night meetings listening to, sharing with, advising and guiding other divorced parents as they tried to get a handle on their lives, the "Justice System", and their ex's.

Being divorced is like being hit by a Mack truck. If you live through it, you start looking very carefully to the right and to the left.

Jean Kerr

As time went by, I remarried, and raised two more children. Now twice divorced, I have three children, and a grand-daughter. I find that we live in a divorce culture, and everyone is touched by divorce. And because of my passion for righting the wrongs, and for sharing what I have learned through the years with others who are just now for the first time experiencing first hand the trauma that is divorce, I launched Bay Area Divorce Coach.

Coach, Author and Speaker

I enjoy coaching others and working with them to discover what they really want in their divorce, then helping them to achieve their goals. Using a multi-pronged approach, that encompasses many different wants and needs while going through the process, I help balance out the emotional, spiritual and physical elements of getting though your divorce, from hiring an attorney, to filling out paperwork, to starting over with friends, family and children.

As the author of "Divorce Tactics To Win", and with several other books in the works covering aspects of working with your attorney and how to manage the judge/court during your divorce, I am always researching not only theory but practical applications of what has and will work in the real world when it comes to the divorce process.

Because I so strongly believe in the benefits of a Pre-Divorce Tactic, and since divorce is so universal in our culture, I am currently booking engagements as a Guest Speaker for groups who may have some interest in the state of Divorce in America, and how to handle not only the actual divorce process, but the pre-divorce and post-divorce aspects that can make or break the results one achieves in finally getting free from their spouse.