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Divorce is one of life's TEN deadliest stresses. It ranks up at the top with Death and Marriage, and not by accident did I choose those two. You can, by yourself, weed your way through all the well meaning but often misguided advice of family and friends, shuffle non-descript legal documents with attorney's, judges, courts, clerks, mediators and law enforcment all day long and still have no idea what is happening to your life and your world as you knew it.

Or, you can enlist the help of the Bay Area Divorce Coach.

Hiring Michael as my Divorce Coach has been the BEST decision I have made in many years. His wisdom, experience and passion for making my divorce get handled in a cost-effective manner that gave ME control of my own life has made all the difference in the world. I cannot imagine going through all of this without his help. And he has saved me tens of thousands of dollars in legal costs that I could not have afforded! Hire this guy, he knows his business....

Lisa F. - Client

Coming to the decission to end your marriage is difficult, I know. What started out as a life adventure with your best friend is now ending, and while more than 50% of all marriages end in divorce, there is no consulation in this defeat. Divorce in America is a $28 BILLION DOLLAR a year industry, and growing during these difficult economic times. In fact, the average divorce now costs just over $25,000.00 dollars. Using the services of Bay Area Divorce Coach, I guarantee we will save you money in your divorce, as we have done for every client before you!

First things first...

You found us here at Bay Area Divorce Coach because something is wrong in your marriage and you need answers. Before you begin asking you family and friends, before you speak a single word to your spouse, best friend or you mom, STOP. There is much work ahead of you, and once you start talking to others about your plans, your spouse will find out, as they always do, and then what you need and want will no longer be available. So take my advice on this one issue, and do not inform the world of your plans without calling us to see how we can assist you, guide you and Coach you through the "Divorce Machine" that is our Family Court System. If you are already on your way in the divorce process, we can still help you. There is light at the end of this tunnel, so give us a call today and lets talk. You will not regret it!


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We look forward to answering your questions and assisting you with your divorce issues, while saving you from spending your lifes savings just to get divorced!

New Divorce Tactics

"Being married is wonderful, no doubt. And in a typical marriage, you will give each other gifts for holidays and special occasions, sometimes for no reason at all.

But when the marriage is over, all of a sudden that..."


The Narcissistic Ex

"When a narcissist has a void in their life, as measured by each second of the day, as in when they are standing in a quiet hallway with few eyes upon them, they tend to engage strangers and enemies alike, chest puffed out or hair just right, as if they are all that they think they are. And there is little you can do to avoid them in this situation…"